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Fujian Quanzhou Huaxing Group Company

Updated: May 15, 2020

Fujian Quanzhou Huaxing Group Co., Ltd. is a local private enterprise in Quanzhou. It was formally established in January 1994: Quanzhou Huaxing Group Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province.

After 20 years of development, Huaxing Group has developed into a comprehensive group company integrating food, feed, grain and oil, warehousing, finance, real estate, commerce, hotels, stone factories, trade, and emerging industries. The Administration for Industry and Commerce listed it as one of “the 500 largest private enterprises in the country”. Investment in Quanzhou, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Huizhou, Henan, and other mainstream development cities and hotspots, constantly making great efforts to promote the modernization process of China's urbanization and enhance the city's intrinsic value.

Huaxing Group pursues a cultural strategy of “aggressive, efficient, coordinated and inclusive” and establishes a talented echelon with rich levels. At present, the company has a high-quality management team, focusing on the development of public relations and business environment, with extensive and in-depth real estate business and strategic partners, efficient and pragmatic operation, so that the Group continues to develop at a high speed. Many talents who have graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad and have rich experience in international business operations have become middle and senior management personnel of the group. Knowledge structure and industry background cover real estate development and operation, hotel management, property management, business management, strategic management, brand planning, public relations, financial operations, human resources, and so on.

In July 2007, the aircraft carrier of Huaxing Group officially set sail. The company, with the founder Mr. Lin Jinlian as the chairman of the board of directors, is eager to do business. Not only is thinking ahead of the goal far-reaching, but it is also highly effective and pragmatic. Over the years, it has made great achievements in investment management, real estate development, industrial investment, diversified operations, etc. It is not only well-known in Quanzhou and Xiamen, but also highly appreciated and respected by the industry, and is praised by the owners.

“Hua Xing” is an ideal home for condensing national characteristics and national dreams, a dream enterprise that carries the rise of the national economy, and the best platform to create your ideal career!

The Group implements centralized decision-making, tiered management, and decentralized operations. The group structure is set up: shareholders' meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors, investment decision-making committee, compensation and nomination committee, risk management and audit committee, group executive president, president's office, and auditing legal department.

The group consists of five centers: the administrative human resources center, the fund management center, the production operation center, the cost budget center, the real estate development center, the strategic investment, and financing department, and the like. The Group Center consists of the Administration Department, Human Resources Management Department, Corporate Culture and Training Development Department, Financial Management Department, Capital Management Department, Production Planning Department, Brand Marketing Department, Cost Control Department, Purchasing Department, Development Department, and Financial Market Department. Contracting Statistics Department, Engineering Management Department, Jinyu Hotel Management Company, and other departments. It guarantees the integrity of the company's organizational structure and the normal and efficient operation of all work.

After decades of hard work and hardship, today's Quanzhou Huaxing is more wise, calm, open, and confident. Like the amber yellow of Huaxing logo, he is dedicated to people with a mature, rich, heavy, and level.

After the development of flour processing, industrial transformation, capital operation, and re-engineering of Quanzhou Huaxing, Quanzhou Huaxing, a small business that was unknown in the past, has developed into one of the most powerful diversified enterprises in Quanzhou and Xiamen. It was the result of going back and forth a few decades ago, using wisdom and sweat to fight for it.

Quanzhou Huaxing Lizhi Industry has applied for the country to seize opportunities, adjust in time, find value to play the space, fulfill the mission of the Chinese-funded window enterprise, explore new ways of private enterprise reform and development, and promote the prosperity of the economy between the mainland and Hong Kong.

Steady management and scientific management are the consistent traditions of Quanzhou Huaxing; positive and progressive, changing with the trend, making Quanzhou Huaxing glow vigorously. We strive to explore a diversified business management model, commit ourselves to the establishment of industry leadership, and build the long-term value of the company to ensure that the Quanzhou Huaxing Foundation is evergreen.

Talent is the cornerstone of Quanzhou Huaxing's success, and advanced corporate culture is the driving force behind our progress. While returning to shareholders with excellent results, we are grateful to give back to society and take the initiative to assume social responsibility for the environment, society, and stakeholders.

Through twenty years of hard work, it has laid a solid foundation. I hope to be the goal of a century-old store and a world-class enterprise, which makes us feel the responsibility and mission. In future development, Quanzhou Huaxing will continue to forge ahead. At a new starting point, we will continue to forge ahead, surpass ourselves, and leap new heights.

Position of Lin Jinlian

Mr. Lin Jinlian, Chairman of Quanzhou Huaxing Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Province

Honorary Vice President of Fujian Province

Honorary President of the Board of Directors of Nan'an Grain and Oil Industry Association

Nanan City Charity Federation, Forever Honorary President

Honorary Chairman of Nan'an Basketball Association

Honorary President of Quanzhou Shuitou Chamber of Commerce

Honorary President of Nanjing Nan'an Chamber of Commerce, Jiangsu Province

Honorary President of Shanghai Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce

Vice President of Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Quanzhou Huaxing Group. We will jointly write a beautiful chapter of Quanzhou Huaxing Home on the basis of mutual understanding and trust. This kind of understanding and trust is the bond of our united struggle and common progress.

Quanzhou Huaxing pursues the enterprise spirit of “sincerely establishing the world, wisdom to establish the market, the courage to stand on the ground, and taking the initiative”, taking quality and innovation as the core competitiveness and improving the quality of human life.

In the next ten years, we will jointly witness the take-off of Quanzhou Huaxing Group. Behind the brilliant achievements of Quanzhou Huaxing Group, the spirit of “people-oriented” has always been permeated. This spirit spurs us to focus on details, demanding quality, pursuing a high degree of harmony between architecture and people and nature, and creating a healthier and harmonious world for fast-growing China. environment of. It is this kind of spirit that allows us to devote a hundred times of enthusiasm to the charity cause of helping others and building people, and to repay the society with the sense of responsibility of the owners.

Responsibility is the foundation of a company's body, and it is also the embodiment of corporate brand value and sustainable competitiveness. A harmonious society is a foundation and soil for enterprise development. In modern China, which advocates "scientific development, harmonious prosperity", Quanzhou Huaxing Group, as a pioneer in building a harmonious society, has always been duty-bound, and has made tangible contributions in promoting the development of environmental protection and social welfare undertakings!

Looking to the future, opportunities, and challenges coexist. Quanzhou Huaxing Group will firmly grasp the opportunities of China's sustained and rapid economic development and deepening global economic integration. It is deeply rooted in China's harmonious development, based in Quanzhou, Xiamen, and the world, and is determined to become a leader in enhancing urban value. Leading the world's number one ship, creating a truly borderless carrier-class enterprise!

Quanzhou Huaxing has now developed into a private enterprise integrating flour processing, food processing, real estate, Kaitian stone, hotel management, finance, import and export trade, e-commerce, property management, and other diversified industrial operations. In the future, the group will On the basis of strengthening the scale of the pillar industry, we will focus on China's policies and economic pulse, continuously develop and expand high-profit projects, and strive to build Quanzhou Huaxing into a diversified industrial group with Chinese vision.

Planning concept:

Specialization → Leanization → Diversification;

Focus on cash flow and maximize equity;

Control key assets and make full use of social resources;

The market demand for the investment industry continues to grow, and returns are stable for a long time;

Ensure investment cycle and industry life cycle are stable;

Internationalization of operation: internationalization of the market and internationalization of core competitiveness;

Extend the backward value chain and improve the financial service system;

According to the brand positioning of Quanzhou Huaxing, adopt a cluster development strategy

Huaxing Real Estate is the flagship of the real estate business of Quanzhou Huaxing Group and one of the most powerful integrated real estate developers in Mainland China. With the brand concept of “Quality gives more changes to the city”, we are committed to achieving the leading level of customer satisfaction in the industry, surpassing customer expectations in products and services, and bringing lifestyle changes to our customers. In addition to “residential development” and “holding property”, Huaxing Real Estate has deepened its quality requirements and provided value-added services ranging from apartment layout and deformation furniture to humanized storage design. Huaxing Real Estate is committed to continuously improving the productivity of the real estate value chain through the shaping of its core competitiveness and its national development strategy and has become a competitive and leading company in the Chinese real estate industry.

Xiamen Jinhao Hotel is a branch of Quanzhou Huaxing Group. It is located at No. 21-23, Hubin North Road, Siming District, Xiamen, 300 meters away from Xiamen Municipal Government. It is located in the municipal and financial center, adjacent to Xiamen tourist attractions and food. Recreation Area: 2KM from Gulangyu Island, only 5 minutes walk to Wuhu and Bay Park and backed by the famous Xiamen commanding heights Huweishan Park. Within 500 meters, you can visit “Chaofucheng Restaurant”, Shuyou Seafood Restaurant “Marco Polo Coffee” The bar is a street. The hotel has an area of ​​15,000 square meters. It has 220 elegantly designed and stylish deluxe rooms and suites. The pillarless conference room can accommodate 200 people. It is also an excellent choice for your business meetings, exhibitions, and other business activities.

The hotel is only 20 minutes drive from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and 3 kilometers away from Xiamen Railway Station and commercial center. The transportation is very convenient. The rooms are stylishly designed with flat-screen TVs, all with seamless links to the hotel, high-speed wireless broadband and separate shower rooms, valuables storage services, shopping malls, city excursions, ticketing services, etc.: Hotel management with experienced hotel management experience The team led the hotel to create a meticulous and attentive personalized service that will provide guests with the most intimate experience!

Xiamen Jinhao Hotel is expected to open for business on New Year's Day in 2014. The exquisite decoration, considerate service, and unique geographical location are the best choice for your business and travel!

There will be more unexpected opening offers to surprise you!

Xiamen Huameng Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen in February 2004. The company is mainly engaged in the operation of import and export of various commodities and technologies (without the import and export catalog). Except for commodities and technologies; wholesale and retail: daily necessities, household appliances, hardware, electrical products, building materials, metal materials, chemical materials (excluding hazardous and monitoring chemicals), auto parts, machinery parts, plastic products, mines Products (except for special control of Zhongjia), textiles, agricultural and sideline products (when the above business scope involves licensed business projects, it should be operated with the permission of the relevant departments).

Fujian Nan'an Huaxing Flour Co., Ltd. is located beside the No. 324 line of Fuxia Road. It is strategically located with the water head section of Shenhai Expressway. It enjoys a superior geographical position and convenient transportation. It is a specialized provincial-level flour processing integrating development, production, and sales. Leading enterprise. Founded in 2001, the company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan and has functional departments such as the original grain department, quality department, laboratory, sales department, technical department, finance department, after-sales service department, and information research department. The total number of employees is more than 300. It has been listed by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as the “500 largest private enterprises” in the country.

The two major registered brands ("Hua Xing" brand, "Hacker" brand) leading products are bread flour, taro powder, fritter powder, high-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour, low-gluten flour, dumpling powder, cake powder, instant noodles, and biscuits. Powder and so on. The company's sales market is spread all over Fujian Province and is exported to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Yunnan, and other places. The products are in short supply, and the production, sales, and market share rank first in the same industry. In both Fujian and Guangdong, “Huaxing Flour” With a very good market share, the products are favored by customers both inside and outside the province.

In recent years, the company has continuously increased investment in technological transformation, and strengthened product quality management, equipment operation status, and business performance are in a good development trend. In 2001, the company's leading products, "Hacker" brand special fine powder, taro powder A, and taro powder B were awarded the first batch of "Reassuring Grains and Oils" by the Fujian Grain Bureau and the Fujian Grain Industry Association. In 2002, “Huaxing” brand special fine powder was awarded the title of “Reassuring Face” by the China Food Association. As a result of outstanding achievements in various aspects of the company, it has been awarded “Top Ten Enterprises of Quanzhou Grain and Oil Enterprises in 2004-2005”, “2006 Provincial Dynamic Reserve Grains Fixed Point Enterprise”, “2007 Quanzhou Military Grain Fixed Point Processing Factory”, “2007 Ranked first in the list of granite oil companies (flour processing), “Advanced Units of Provincial Dynamic Reserve Grain Reserves”, “Advanced Units of Food Industry Association of Nan'an in 2008-2009”, “Food in Quanzhou City in 2009-2011” Excellent member units of industry associations, "2010-2012 annual leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization city level", "Famous brand agricultural products in Fujian Province", "Quanzhou brand agricultural gold award enterprise", "reliable grain and oil demonstration processing enterprises", "Famous city well-known enterprises" "Trademark", "Enthusiastic Donation Association Unit", "2011 Quanzhou City Contract-Respecting Credit Unit", "2011 Nan'an City Contract-Respecting Credit Unit", "Huaxing, Hacking Brand Flour".

At the same time as the development of the company's scale, the company also donated donations to social welfare undertakings all year-round, which was highly praised by the government and the society. Facing the increasingly fierce competitive environment, Huaxing Company adheres to the principle Of "quality, integrity" and strengthens its quality, service and brand advantages while adhering to the principle of sustainable development and using flexible mechanisms to build the company into a company. Modernized start-ups ensure that they are invincible in the competition.

Fujian Kaitian Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Nanlian Industrial Zone, Guanqiao Town, Nan'an City (219 km from National Highway 324). It has an excellent geographical location and convenient transportation by sea, land, and air. The company occupies More than 200 acres, with a total investment of 250 million yuan and a total construction area of ​​over 100,000 square meters. It is a collection of stone foreign trade import and export, mining, product processing, production, engineering design, and decoration. Large stone enterprises, mainly engaged in the sale and wholesale of marble, granite, block materials, and other stone. The company has the most sophisticated production equipment at home and abroad: 10 sets of imported diamond saws, 4 sets of automatic mills, 80 sets Of infrared machines and 40 copy machines and other finishing equipment, with mature and perfect processing technology and production process, the production scale is Shuitou and Guanqiao are among the best in The industry.

Fujian Nan'an Huaxing Guarantee Co., Ltd.

Fujian Nan'an Huaxing Guarantee Co., Ltd. was established on October 18, 2005. It is located in Daying Industrial Zone, Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. From the establishment of the development of the company, the company has been recognized and affirmed by the banks and the community. The new market has been basically guaranteed, which has truly played a bridge between banks and enterprises. This year, due to various factors such as the country's macro-control, the relative economic downturn and the increase in competition, the company has slightly slowed down the pace of development. In the future, we will continue to do a good job of guarantee business, focusing on the business structure and internal The adjustment of the system is the main focus and strives for standardized operation.

Facing the opportunities and challenges, the company adheres to the principle of “integrity and efficiency”, continuously optimizes resource allocation, integrates business processes, adheres to the development of banks and customers, continues to accelerate the process of guarantee services, and strives to build the guarantee bank into a well-known and modernized feature. Emerging companies maximize the long-term interests of banks, customers, and companies.

Fujian Nan'an Huaxing Pawn Co., Ltd.

Fujian Nan'an Huaxing Pawn Co., Ltd. was established on June 10, 2003. It is the first special service enterprise approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission in Nan'an. The company has a good reputation and strong strength. It inherits the traditional pawn pledge loan financing; real estate mortgage; the sale, identification, and evaluation services of the absolute items within the limit, and is committed to providing quick and convenient for SMEs and the general public. The pledge financing service will also gradually strive to become a financing window for Nanan people and a green channel for SME financing.

Based on the service tenet of “short-term financing, convenient and fast”, Huaxing Pawnshop has continuously developed a modern pawn method of “free circulation of large funds and new breakthroughs in financing scale” with standardized professional management and advanced information technology. The urgent needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households to find safe, reliable, convenient, and short-term financing of new channels. Jinxi Group is a professional real estate company cooperatively established by China and the Philippines. With more than 20 years of experience in real estate development in China, Jinxi Group is determined to invest in the Philippines and develop its own local brand. It actively participates in local philanthropy and contributes to the promotion of economic and cultural exchanges between China and the Philippines.

Jinxi Group is currently working on projects such as Jinxi Seaview City close to OKADA, Jinxi Emperor City next to City of Dreams, Jinxi International Hotel, Jinxi Champagne City of Cavite, and Davao and Champagne City located in the New Clark City. The said projects constitute the Jinxi Project Group in Metro Manila. In addition, the Group has also planned for two residential and commercial complexes in Jinxi’s Cebu project and Davao project. Jinxi Group has been fully planned and deployed in the Philippines.

Jinxi Seaview City, with a total building area of 200,000 square meters and a height of 30 floors, is the first project of Jinxi Group. The project will include a commercial strip, luxury residential units, and amenities using high-end design and materials. The project which is situated along Manila Bay and close to the coast-line is only 500 meters away from OKADA Hotel. You will enjoy the world-famous Manila Bay sunset sitting on your own balcony.

Jinxi Seaview City is located within the entertainment and casino area. The Manila Bay where the project is located has become a hot spot for international investors. Based on the historical data on the world’s real estate developments within the gambling area, there is infinite room for real estate appreciation. In Manila, the price of properties near gaming and entertainment districts continue to rise as well. Demand for residential properties is growing by 15% to 30% every year while its supply is decreasing.

Jinxi Seaview City will become a hot selling and high-quality project in the real estate market of Manila Bay with its golden location, high-quality matching, and comfortable apartment type. It is the best choice for both investment and own use.

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