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Traveling Business Class with Turkish Airlines

In this video, I am going to share to you my experience on my latest travels to Asia.

I love to travel, and most of the time to Asia. Since I started my travel Agency in 2016, I have been travelling to Asia twice a year, but this year, something happened which makes my travels most memorable and exciting.

The thing is, I haven't ever traveled in a business class, but last February, I got the chance to do so. Maybe many of you have done that, so perhaps, it is not new to you, but for me, this is something very unusual. I went by Turkish Airlines. Since I am dealing with travel, I think this is a way of sharing my experience, and share a review of the Airlines.

In this video, I will concentrate on my latest travel, which was just a couple of days ago.

The last 3 years, I have been traveling with my husband. He booked an economy tickets for us some weeks ago, but with some reason, we couldn't take the trip last week. We have flexible tickets though, but it doesn't help much, since all connecting flights were fully booked. The first available flight is on New Year's Eve. We have been planning to celebrate Christmas in Asia, so this is not good. And if we can't travel now, maybe we are going to be banned to enter the country because of the new variant of the Covid-19 pandemic. My husband panicked and without any second thought, he booked the cheapest possible flight the next day, a one way business class, since we already booked a round trip ticket earlier, which is in fact 5 times higher price than an ordinary round trip ticket. I was unhappy about that, paying so much for a travel, it is not like me.

Our trip started in a smaller plane, an Airbus. It is very cold today, so the flight is delayed, about an hour. The seat is very spacious that I could even stretch out my legs all the way to the next seat. Since I am used to traveling with economy class, this is something very special to me. After 3 and a half hour, we arrived in Istanbul, where we have to change to a bigger aircraft. The travel on air would be more than 11 hours.

At Istanbul Airport, we had the chance to go to the business lounge. Before our next flight, we relaxed in private suites, and there was also a refreshing shower. I rested in the lounge on a comfortable couch, and savor delicious, exclusive treats from Turkish, and international cuisine. There were console gaming and large children’s play area and lockers too, in case you want to go shopping while waiting for your next flight, without the bother of having your baggage with you.

Using your ticket number, you can join the Lounge WiFi network (even if you are not a Turkish Airlines passenger), and have free access to the PressReader app. With PressReader, you can have a good time by browsing the world news and reading the magazines that suit your interests. Access is valid for all Lounge types.

Traveling in Business Class entitles to extra baggage allowance too, and also means I can collect my baggage much more quickly after the flight, thanks to the Business Class priority baggage label. Although I was allowed to take 40 kilograms for my checked in baggage, I was not able to fill it more than 30 kilograms, we have not enough time to go shopping anymore, except some other things that I pulled out earlier because the bag was too heavy for the economy class which was only 23 kilos baggage allowance. It has always been a problem when travelling with economy class. I wanted to bring with me more than I was allowed to carry. Now, I even have 10 kilos lighter than I am allowed to. And then I could bring 2 pieces of hand baggage up to 8 kilograms each. But of course that would be too much for me to carry.

As I have experienced on my earliest trip with business class and Turkish Airlines, I have many expectations. We were allowed to go on board first, avoiding queues, checking in at the Business Class counter. A very nice and wonderful feeling when you are prioritized, isn't it?

There are a lot of spaces just for myself. I could shut myself in from my neighbors, even from my husband.

It is specially designed for comfort to the highest level, specially when travelling so far and long travel time. It doubles the joy of travel with special features.

Enjoy the journey even more with the special features of Business Class seating.

Fully lie-flat seats that open into a 193 cm bed,

Seat control panel

Personal reading lamp

Massage in-chair feature

Adjustable and rotating food table

Power socket, a locker, and a mirror

Facility to screen off your own private area below elbow level.

Business Class passengers are welcomed with Versace amenity kits. The iconic fashion brand and Turkish Airlines have collaborated to offer a series of ultimate in flight comfort. Featuring moisturizing cosmetics, and amenities specially designed for the needs of men and women, the attractive, functional kit bags come in a variety of seasonal colors.

This time I got a black one. Last time, I got a dark pink color

Business Class passengers are also invited to enjoy Denon headphones with active noise-cancelling features during transoceanic flights. Relax and experience the in flight entertainment system with Denon headphones, ergonomically designed for optimum ease of use and disinfected with the utmost care.

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