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Bamboo Agate Arowana over all good  Luck charm bracelet

Bamboo Agate Arowana over all good Luck charm bracelet


Bamboo Agate Is a stone of creativity. It balances yin & yang, instills harmony, increases intellect, memory, energy, strength & longevity. It is a good stress reliever & increases courage & self-confidence.


Elephant a prominent symbol of strength, fertility and intelligence in many cultures, Also symbol of good fortune that bring many positive characteristics and is used to strengthen power, love luck, and healing agent, strengthen the union of a romantic couple protect home inspire intelligence, longevity,vitality wisdom and prominence.


Japan Flower Symbol Of Love, Enhance Money. Good Health And Protection For Family.


Arowana  Signifies Supremacy, Prosperity, Wealth, Strength,

Good luck, Happiness and Power. Arowana Fish Are Considered Very Lucky In Many Cultures. They symbolize good luck, so are often use as lucky fish charm.

They are also symbol of wealth and prosperity. Arowana is good fortune or luck .

Also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose and represent courage.


MYSTIC KNOT Symbol made of intertwined infinity signs for everlasting love, longevity and prosperity. It is also used as a symbol for protection against.

Misfortunes, heart breaks, illness, accidents and other dangers.

Rubbing the knot is also believed to help anger or fear to subside and allow for mental clarity.


Authentic Bamboo Agate stone quality

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