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Birthstone Simple All in One Lucky Charm Bracelets

Birthstone Simple All in One Lucky Charm Bracelets



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All-in-one For wealth, Health, safety for Travel, Love, abundance, and protection against negative energy.
Kimono flower Balance bar: Make a wish and put on your bracelet. Wear it as a reminder that a happy life is not built upon the goal of perfection, but balance.
5 elements crystal: promotes harmony and good feng shui.
Healing and purified environment bracelet stone and lucky sign analysis show on the picture
Authentic Japan kimono flower

Authentic birthstones:

January: garnet

February: amethyst

March: aquamarine

April: clear crystal

May: green jade

June: alexandrite

July: Ruby

August: peridot

September: lapis lazuli

October: rose quartz

November: citirne

December: turquoise

bracelet: 7.3 inches
birthstone: 6 mm


  • Asian Buyer

    If you live in Asia, particularly in the Philippines, please contact us on Facebook.  We can offer a lower price and free shipping.

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